Recovery House opens

Recovery House opened offering an innovative approach to mental health recovery, providing 24 hour a day support and a 40 hour per week recovery focused programme for up to five people.

The Dexters provide supported living in the community

The Dexters registered with CQC to provide one to one support to adults in the Community.


Amitola Communities formed to house all services under one brand

Once the strategy had been formed by the executive management team one of the key deliverables was to ensure consistency across our services, and this was completed with the implementation of our umbrella brand in 2013, Amitola Communities.

Our vision is clear, we want to continue to provide a quality service for adults with enduring and complex mental health issues and learning disabilities, working collaboratively with our service users to support them on their recovery journey, whether that be in one of our Residential Care Homes, or in their own home in the community. Outcomes will be agreed, progress will be measured, and we will ensure Amitola Communities continues to play a big part in the fight for better mental health in the UK.


 Combined 55 service users in our residential care homes

In 2012 it was realised that with over 50 residents and three individual staff teams, it was time to review the services offered and the operational processes that are the foundations of these services. This included defining how we could measure the progress of recovery for our residents, commitment to investing in information technology to support our processes and ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, how we could offer our employees a clear development plan and career path, and ensure consistency across the services.


 The Gravers provide supported living in York

In 2008 The Gravers extended their service to provide one to one support for adults with learning disability in the community.


Christmas Care formed to provide domiciliary community care

Five years after the acquisition of Christmas Lodge, the owners decided to take the service they had tailored over 17 years in a Residential Care Home environment out to the community, into the homes of people with enduring mental health and learning disabilities.


Christmas Lodge acquired with 14 residents

Following the increase of residents at The Gravers and The Dexters, and many successful but ongoing recovery journeys at the homes, the owners purchased a third Residential Care Home in Christmas Lodge. Christmas Lodge offered a location in a different part of the city and with 14 residents significantly increased the number of people using the service.


 The Gravers & The Dexters open with combined 6 residents

Three psychiatric nurses with a passion to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable people, in particular adults with complex and enduring mental health issues and learning disabilities, decided to invest in two large terraced properties in York City Centre and register to become Residential Care Homes without nursing care – the doors opened with three residents at each home.

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