Service User

How long can I stay?

We offer long term, medium term and short term stay based on personal need, aspiration and recovery. Through our services we help everyone to achieve their optimum capability, whether this be to maintain a certain level or to become as independent as possible.

Will I have my own room?

Yes. We offer rooms based on individual needs and availability. We provide ground floor, on-suite and individual self-contained semi-independent units.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes, privacy is respected at all times for our residents, there are break out rooms available from the communal areas and everyone has their own room if they wish to have some time alone.

What are the daily activities?

We provide a variety of activities in our residential care homes – skilling, reskilling, social, domestic, educational and therapeutic.

We also have a partnership with Clarence Gardens Association. “The Hut” is a charity, currently supported financially and founded by the owners of Amitola Communities. The Hut was initially formed to provide purposeful and meaningful daily activities for our service users and is now also open to the wider community. For more information on “The Hut” please visit

What about a holiday?

We organize and try to provide access to one national and one international holiday every year for our service users. Past holidays have included Disneyland Paris, Majorca, Mediterranean Cruises and Center Parks, as well as many more.

Are visitors welcome?

Absolutely, we have an open door policy, providing visitors do not impact other residents.

Can I come and go as I please?

This independent choice is something we promote in most cases, dependent on an individual’s care plan i.e. if a risk assessment is in place that states an individual needs accompaniment when in the community we wouldn’t expect that individual to leave without accompaniment.

Can I cook my own Food?

We encourage our residents to get involved with the cooking as a fun activity that also helps to increase independence, menus are collaboratively designed with employees and residents to ensure choice and variety as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Do I have to cook my own food?

Employees will cook good homely meals for our residents, so if you don’t feel like cooking or struggle with this then it is not something you have to do.


How do I make a referral?

Please contact us on 01904 656 062 or email

We review referrals on an individual basis, we can discuss costs and offer advice.

Who funds a service user?

There is a variety of funder’s dependent of location and need of an individual.

Please feel free to contact us and we can offer advice based on our experience.

What is the admission process?

A Manager performs an assessment of need, once we can determine that we can meet the need of a prospective service user then we would invite that person to have a look at the home and meet our service users/residents and staff. Admission is based on an individual’s needs but we are more than happy to use a phased admission approach. Please note funding needs be in place before any admission can commence.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes, we do have a waiting list, to be added to our waiting list please contact us to discuss the specific individual needs of the prospective service user.

What makes us a therapeutic community?

Therapeutic community is a participative, group-based approach to long-term mental illness. This approach promotes the social relationships, daily structure and different activities together, all deliberately designed to help people’s health and well-being. We have adopted what we see as the most valuable aspects of the therapeutic community framework into our services.

What do we mean when we say “our people”?

We feel that we have a responsibility to give our service users a sense of belonging and security, our service users are our community and we look out for one another, when we refer to our people we are including everyone, our service users, our employees… our community.

We ensure that when our service user’s leave they can still access our services if they wish, they are still part of our community.

What does amitola mean?

Amitola is of Native American Indian origin, meaning rainbow.

What is the difference between a service user and a resident?

Technically any individual that uses our services could be classed as a service user, however we prefer to consider individuals that reside in our residential care homes as our residents.

Amitola Communities also offers supported living in the community are registered for domiciliary care, to which we would refer to individuals using these services as “service users”.

On our website if we refer to “resident(s)” this relates purely to our residential care home individuals, and if we refer to “service users” this relates to individuals collectively using all of our services (including residential care homes).

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