One One Eight
Programme Overview

The programme is facilitated by dedicated and experienced team of professionals, including a Registered Manager, Mental Health Nurses (RMN), Recovery Workers, qualified Psycho-Social Intervention Workers, trained Family Workers, internal and external therapeutic activity Providers.

Weekly Community Schedule

(Monday – Friday)


Clients are expected to be up by 8.15am, and make breakfast. The kitchen and dining area will be cleaned by clients prior to the morning meeting. All clients and staff are expected to participate in the morning meeting at 9:30am.


The morning meeting is held Monday to Friday between 9:30 – 10:30 am, will be attended by all staff on duty at that time and all clients residing in the house, unless prior agreement has been made to excuse. The purpose of the morning meeting is to discuss the plans for the day, focusing on the community aspect, relationships and interactions between all people (clients and staff).

It is expected that in this meeting clients and staff explain behaviours that have impacted others in the house. It is an opportunity for themes of discussion to be generated and followed up as required.

Monday’s meeting will be used to plan the week ahead; Friday’s meeting will be to review the week.


Clients will begin to have one-to-one sessions with staff. The purpose of these sessions is in the first instance to enable the process of making the necessary connections between the person’s story and their behaviours, extreme
states and their relationship with self and others. Additionally, individuals’ personal development plans/maintaining mental well-being plans will be developed, enabling clients to plot their own recovery journey.


This work will provide the opportunity for clients to develop their personal stories. An empathic and nonjudgemental environment is created where individuals are encouraged to tell ‘their story’ as they see it, whilst making emotional connections to their own life experiences.

In conjunction with the story work Narrative Therapy can be used for creative writing, that will help participants to develop their own stories in a structured, but creative way.

Honest and open dialogue is encouraged, where Individuals explore the concept of Ownership, Choice, People and Self (COPS), whilst applying these elements in their recovery journey. This is done during a process of discovery, reflection, recognition, future planning and action.

Including Holistic Sound Therapy that supports self-growth and healing.

Sessions can include help with: budgeting skills, cooking skills, vocational opportunities, providing resource materials that meet changing needs. Accessing leisure activities and social events, co-ordinating educational activities, using appropriate community resources or looking at practical solutions to problem solving.

In an environment where there is a strong emphasis onlistening to what families require, family workers tailor interventions in specific ways according to the individual needs of each family to identify helpful ways of dealing with specific problems they encounter, designed to help people develop resilience in dealing with situations as they arise in the outside world.

Every day clients and staff will come together to write up and discuss their personal reflections from the day.


Managing mental health; this is about learning how
to manage your symptoms and building a satisfying and
meaningful life which is not defined or limited by them.

Physical health and self-care; this is about how well you
look after yourself –taking care of your physical health,
keeping clean and presenting yourself well. It also includes
maintaining a sense of well-being which means doing the
things that help you to feel good.

Living skills; this is about the practical side of being able
to live independently –shop and cook for yourself, deal
with neighbours and people who visit, keep your place
clean and tidy, manage bills and look after money.

Social networks; this is about your social networks and
being part of your community. It includes taking part
in activities within this project and, as your recovery
progresses, getting involved in things outside the project.

Work; this is about whether you want to work,
knowing what it is you want to do, having the skills
and qualifications to get this work and finding and
keeping a job.

Relationships; this is about the important relationships in
your life. It is advised you choose one relationship at any
given time that you would like to be different, having the
right amount of closeness that you want, this is something
you can decide.

Addictive behaviour; this is about any addictive
behaviours you may have. It is about awareness of
problems you have and whether you are working to reduce
the harm they may cause you or others.

Responsibilities; this is about meeting your
responsibilities in relation to the place where you live.
This includes things like paying rent/bills, getting on with
neighbours or fellow residents. It also covers breaking the
law, and attitude towards the law and rules.

Identity & self-esteem; this is about how you feel
about yourself and define who you are. Trying to get to
a point where you have a sense of your own identity –like
and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, if relevant cultural,
religious or spiritual identity… accepting and liking who
you are.

Trust and hope; this is about your sense that there are
people and things you can trust, having faith that whatever
happens there will be a way through and hope for your
future. It is about trusting others, trusting yourself, and
ultimately having faith in life.


Upon exiting the service clients will be invited to acknowledge their achievements with a celebration with those that have shared their journey.

We welcome the programme to be evaluated externally. A baseline for each client will be established prior to the commencement of the programme to ensure recovery progress can be measured and reflected accurately.


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